Handwritten Notes Just Hit Differently

When I was young, I would race to the mailbox every day, hoping to find an envelope addressed to me. I was ecstatic every time I'd find one. I would rip it open, read it immediately, then search for pen and paper to compose a response. I had a handful of pen pals, including my maternal grandmother, one of my fourth-grade teachers (I moved mid-year), and a French exchange student, just to name a few. Keeping in touch with them was a highlight for sure.

As the internet and phones have grown in popularity, interest in writing letters seems to have taken a back seat. But, there's still so much value in taking pen to paper. Taking time to let someone know you are thinking about them, you love them, or just want to say hello says so much more when it's received in your handwriting. Sure, you can send a text. It's faster, and I'm sure the recipient will be touched, but knowing someone took the time to sit down to put their thoughts on paper just hits differently. Not to mention you can read that letter or card repeatedly while a text could be lost forever. Technology is fantastic, but it's not always perfect and sometimes lacks the human connection we all crave.

When he graduated high school, my son gave me a card filled with his own heartfelt thoughts. It didn't cost him much, just the price of the card, but his words were priceless. Not only have I kept it, but it's displayed on a shelf where I can see it every day! It's a lovely reminder of our relationship and is one of my most cherished keepsakes.

Is there someone in your life that would love to hear from you? I'm sure there is, and just think how they'll feel when they open the mailbox to find a handwritten note mixed in with all the not-so-fun stuff. I bet they'll be ecstatic.